Our agency provides the most efficient service to all customers with a 24/7 service network.

Having spent more than a quarter of a century in the maritime sector, our company, which started out as a shipping agency in 1993, is proud to have become a company that carries out transportation operations across all modes in the logistics sector and provides door-to-door logistics services in an international scale in addition to its shipping agency services.

Reliability is one of our defining values. Since day one, we have been putting our values and the satisfaction of our customers first across all phases.

We attempt to keep our work flow standards at a high level by responding to our customers’ requests in a swift manner.

With the help of our strong agency network and connections, we deliver services to many of the world’s locations, especially those that are central to international commerce.

With the strength we take from the fact that our customers see us not only as an agency or a company that carries their loads, but a solution partner for all of their problems, we work intensively to further improve our service quality.

Our goal at Yelken Shipping is to ensure our customers’ 100% satisfaction and provide services 24/7 by developing personal solutions for them.

It provides the most effciens service to all customers width 24/7 service network.
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